Trans Australia Trails

Trans Australia Trails (or TAUT for short) is the place to come if you want to get out on your bike and travel this wide brown land of ours.

It doesn't matter if it's a 3 month odyssey round Australia, or a day trip from your home town.

Finding tracks

Simple as. Pick from the full list of tracks, or search for tracks that exactly meet your requirements. Display all the tracks that you are interested in together on the one map.

View the information saved with each track to tell you more. Each track has a description, and is categorised by type, difficulty, etc, so you can see whether it is suitable for your skill, bike type, etc.

Once you have found the track(s) you want, click to download the GPX files to your GPS, and off you go.

Sharing your tracks

If you have recorded any of your memorable trips on your GPS, put them up on TAUT for others to enjoy.

We can take track files from most GPS types, and you can annotate the trip when you upload it to tell potential riders everything they need to know about it.

GPS help

Courtesy of XRman on Advrider, we now have information to help you get started with GPS on your bike. GPS help